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Expatriate Management


Research has shown that between 20% and 35% of executives sent abroad returned early due to job dissatisfaction or difficulties adjusting to a foreign country.   

This offering provides a set of quality assured services resulting in a seamless process of transferring an assignee to Ghana by facilitating smooth relocation and integration into the new community.  

Immigration Services

 To assist our clients with travel-free movement to Ghana, we analyse and provide assistance with obtaining the best immigration solution in compliance with Ghanaian law.    

Our Immigration service is hassle-free and comprises a structured quality-assured process that stressful and cost effective.

Leaders will arrange:

  • Work Permits
  • Long Term Visas
  • Resident Permits
  • Updates on amendments where necessary   

Transition Services

Our transition services are an array of options to facilitate relocation and effective integration of the assignee (and family, if any) into their new community.   

We use a collaborative approach to understand their lifestyle preference and needs of the assignee and their family.    

  • Home search 
  • Tenancy Management 
  • Schooling overview 
  • Bank account set up 
  • Domestic help 
  • Auto rental/lease 
  • Culture orientation 
  • Departure services  

How we work

Each service will commence with an analysis of a completed data sheet and a telephone consultation to understand the needs of the business and the individual.

Based on the initial consultation, a report is provided detailing the processes involved and what can be expected from our service offering.


We charge a Flat fee for each of our service offerings

Immigration (per individual)   $1000.00

Transition                                        $1500.00