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COO - euro based IPP FIRM



We were tasked to find a competent COO for an independent power producer (IPP), owned by a private equity vehicle and aimed at developing early-stage power-generating assets across Sub-Saharan Africa.


The role required an individual with some greenfield power-development experience, very early stage project finance experience but more importantly  knowledge of negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). 

In addition, the political sensitivities surrounding the power sector naturally made this search difficult to position. 


Following the first consultation, we were able to advise our client on the embargo on PPAs in the country they were looking to operate in which meant the firm needed an adjustment on expectations that would still provide required results.

Having previously worked with both public and private sector firms in this space while understanding the profile and needs of our client we identified a pool of specialised candidates who would not only interview for the role but also provide our client with the much needed "insider" information to aid further decision making on the project.


The role was successfully offered to a local candidate with previous experience working on a similar project and strong relationships with relevant stakeholders to ensure the project progresses as efficiently and effectively as possible.